Financial Intel Monthly

Selecting a Trustee

Lifetime (Noncharitable) Gifting

Introduction to Designing and Managing an Investment Portfolio

Tips for Women Who Are Living in the Sandwich Generation

Business Succession Planning

Funding Your Buy-Sell Agreement with Disability Insurance

Funding Your Buy-Sell Agreement with Life Insurance

Outright Transfer of Your Principal Residence: Medicaid Planning

Great News! Chevron Interest Rates Dropped Again

Transferring Your Business Interest with a Buy-Sell Agreement

Minimizing the Taxable Value of a Business (Estate Freeze)

Use Your Annuity to Pay for Long-Term Care Insurance

Five Questions about Long-Term Care

Retirement: Proceed With Caution Before Relying on General Rules

True or False: You Are a Retirement Savings Plan Expert

Don't Let Your Retirement Savings Goal Get You Down

The Retirement Income Gender Gap: Dealing with a Shortfall

The Tax Benefits of Your Retirement Savings Plan

The Roth 403(b)

Self-Directed IRAs

Retirement Planning Considerations for a Stay-at-Home Spouse

Annuities as an IRA Investment Option

Five Keys to Investing For Retirement

Staying on Track with Your Retirement Investments

Retirement-Planning Tips for Women

Funding Your Future with a Fixed Annuity

Considering an Offer to Retire Early: Should You Take It?

How Grandparents Can Help Grandchildren with College Costs

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

Custodial Accounts (UTMA/UGMA) for Education Savings

529 Savings Plans

Saving for College

The Joys and Financial Challenges of Parenthood

Tax Credits: Child and Dependent Care Credit

Financial Basics for Millennials

Financial Planning: Helping You See the Big Picture

Six Keys to More Successful Investing

Disability Income Insurance for Business Owners

Sticker Shock: Creative Ways to Lower the Cost of College

Understanding Your Paycheck

529 Prepaid Tuition Plans

Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

Using Immediate Annuities for Medicaid Planning

Workers' Compensation

Tax Issues That Concern Unmarried Couples

Issues Affecting Resident Aliens

Marketing Your Product or Service

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Net Operating Loss (NOL)

Net Unrealized Appreciation: The Untold Story

Tax Planning for Business Owners

Golden Parachutes

New Comparability Plan

Section 457(b) Plan

Entity Purchase (Stock Redemption) Buy-Sell Agreement

Market Week: September 8, 2020

Section 6166 Election

Bypass Trust (also called B Trust or Credit Shelter Trust)

Qualified Domestic Trust (QDOT)

Choosing a Real Estate Investment

Investing Internationally

Federal Protection for Deposit Accounts

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans: The Employee Perspective

Deductions: Charitable Gifts

Redemption of Spouse's Stock in Closely Held Business: Divorce

Tax Planning for Marriage and Divorce

Worker Classification

Group Life Insurance

Special Tax Considerations for the Business Use of Insurance

Marginal Tax Rate Analysis

Managing Medical Care When Your Child Has Special Needs

Making an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to Raise Capital for Your Business

Maintaining Your Financial Records: The Importance of Being Organized

Maintaining Resident Alien Status

Life Insurance Coverage on a Key Employee

Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Issues in Divorce

Life Insurance as an Employee Benefit

Life Insurance and Estate Planning for Retirement Plans

Life Estate

Leaving a Legacy

Keogh Plan

Keeping Your Business in the Family

Joint Tenancy: Forms of Ownership and Will Substitutes

Joint Bank Account: Will Substitutes

In-Service Withdrawals from 401(k) Plans

Improving Portfolio Performance with Asset Allocation

Implications of the Repeal of the Federal Credit for State Death Tax Paid

Immediate Annuities

Health-Care Reform Changes Affecting Seniors

Health Savings Accounts: Are They Just What the Doctor Ordered?

Health Insurance/Group Medical Used in Business

Head of Household: Filing Status

Hardship Withdrawals from Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax

Generating Tax-Free Income

Generating Current Income

General Partnership

General Business Tax Credit

Federal Income Tax Withholding

Family Limited Partnership: Estate Freeze Technique

Family Limited Partnership (FLP) or Limited Liability Company (FLLC)

Factors in the Decision to Replace or Exchange a Life Insurance Policy

Factoring Accounts Receivable

Eligibility for Medicaid

Electing Early Social Security Retirement Benefits

Electing Delayed Social Security Retirement Benefits

Earned Income Credit

Early Retirement Considerations

Decisions, Decisions: Choosing Among Retirement Plan Contribution Types

Deciding When to Retire: When Timing Becomes Critical

Death of a Family Member Checklist

Dealing with Catastrophic Property Loss

Calculation of Correct Amount: Federal Income Tax Withholding

Cafeteria Plan: Employer Perspective

Market Month: August 2020

C Corporation

C Corporation Receives Property from Owner

C Corporation Income or Loss

Basic Strategies for Stocks

Basic Strategies for Bonds

Bargain Sale: Estate Freeze Techniques

Bargain Sale as Charitable Gift

Bad Debt Deductions

American Opportunity Credit

Alternative Ways to Invest in Bonds

Allocate Income and Deductions

Age-Weighted Profit-Sharing Plan

Adjustments to Income and Itemized Deductions: Members of the Armed Forces

2010 Health-Care Reform: Tax Considerations

Using Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) When You Can't Meet Your Financial Obligations

Using Borrowings to Raise Capital for Your Business

Temporary Rental of Principal Residence

Teaching Your Teen about Money

Teaching Your Child about Money

Taxation of Trusts and Estates

Taxation of Life Insurance Dividends

Sustainable Withdrawal Rates

Surviving the Underwriting Process when Buying Disability Income Insurance

Surviving a Financial Crisis Due to Illness

Surrendering a Life Insurance Policy

Support Networks and Community Resources for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Rollovers from Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Roll Over the Remaining Interest of an Inherited IRA or Retirement Plan

Risk Management: Earmark Existing Assets (Self-Insure)

Reverse Split Dollar Life Insurance

Reverse Section 303 Stock Redemption

Qualifying Small Business Stock Rule

Qualified Terminable Interest Property (QTIP) Trust (also called C Trust)

Market Week: August 31, 2020

Qualified Family-Owned Business Deduction

Transfer Your Business Interest at Death through Will or Trust

Types of Real Estate Investments

Types of Income

Types of Exchange-Traded Funds

Types of Cash Alternatives

Types of Bonds

Transfers and Sales

Training Successor Management

Traditional Insurers

Tracking Accounts Receivable

Totten Trust: Will Substitutes

Timing Your Earnings in Retirement to Optimize Your Social Security Retirement Benefit

Third-Party Security

The Spending Plan: Setting and Prioritizing Your Budget Goals

The Spending Plan (Budget)

The Recapture Rule

S Corporation Distributions

Reviewing Levels of Life Insurance Coverage

Retirement Plans Most Appropriate for Self-Employed/Sole Proprietorship/Partnership

Proximate Cause

Protection for Investors' Brokerage Accounts

Protecting At-Home Spouse

Property and Casualty and Liability Insurance

Proper Use of Credit Cards

Projection of Tax

Projecting Federal Income Tax, Making Estimated Payments, Choosing Correct Withholding Amount

Professional Liability Coverage

Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007

Monthly Financial Statement Monitoring

Modified Life

Year-End Investment Decisions

Worthless Stock

Using Increased Withholdings to Compensate for Low Estimated Tax Payments

Use of Trusts: Divorce

Use of Government Benefits

Use of Escrow Accounts: Divorce

Unit Investment Trusts

U.S. Treasury Bills

Understanding Bond Listings and Transactions

Tax Issues for U.S. Citizens Living Abroad

Tax Issues for Resident Aliens

Tax Incentives for Motor Vehicles

Tax Deductibility of Business Vacation Expenses

Tax Credits: Foreign Tax Credit

Tax Consequences of Selling Interest in Business

Retirement Plans for Tax-Exempt Organizations

Retirement Planning Options for Business Owners

Retained Voting Rights

Retained Interest (Including Different Class)

Retained Income Trusts

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